SoCal Home Sales Unexpectedly Drop

For the first time in roughly two years, home sales in Southern California dropped in April. MDA DataQuick, in San Diego, reported all home sales within the six-county region plummeted to about 20,300. This ended a 21-month streak of year-over-year increases. The sales also sank nearly 1% from March. It was speculated sales may have […]

Signs of Economy Revitalization According to Bankers Survey

A recent survey taken of rural bankers in ten Midwest and Plains states shows signs of a revitalized economy. The overall index jumped to 54.3 in May from 44.2 in April. Last year’s May index was 36.2. When the number is lower than 50, this means the economy will contract within the following couple of […]

Pinehurst Bank Joins Long List of Closed Banks

Recently, in St. Paul, Minnesota, regulators shut down Pinehurst Bank, making it the 73rd FDIC insured bank to close, and the sixth in Minnesota this year alone. And with this closing, the number of failed banks has more than doubled what it was in May of 2009. The FDIC has a list of another 73 […]

Midway Liquidation OK’d by Bankruptcy Judge

US Bankruptcy Judge, Kevin Gross has recently approved Midway Games’ liquidation plan. The former game publisher organized a plan which will reimburse creditors from their sale back in 2009, to Time Warner. Midway Games filed for bankruptcy in February of ’09 after suffering years of losses. Last July, Time Warner made a move to purchase […]

Let the Bidding Begin: Domain Name Up For Auction

Domain names have become quite a business. Without having to worry about actually building a site and generating traffic to it, one can simply purchase a domain name then turn around and sell it high—to those in desperate need of the domain. For instance, during most major political campaigns through the past ten years, a […]

HOPE NOW Continues to Assist SoCal Homeowners

Recently, the HOPE NOW Alliance, Making Home Affordable and NeighborWorks America programs, held four days of events and hosted nearly 2,576 at-risk homeowners. All who attended came to learn how to lower their mortgage payments and avoid foreclosure. Homeowners were also given the opportunity to bring in any documents necessary to complete applications for the […]

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