What Is an Objection to Bankruptcy Discharge Action?

The point of filing for bankruptcy is to have your debts discharged. Bankruptcy is an effective way to get a clean slate and start over. There are times, however, when creditors do not want to issue a discharge of debt and request the bankruptcy court to deny the request. This is called an “Objection to […]

What Is the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights?

Under the leadership of State Attorney General Kamala Harris, there has been a push to protect homeowners and avert the mortgage crisis. In 2011, the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force was created to investigate and prosecute misconduct and illegal activity. In 2012, the top five banks in the country made a commitment to provide up to […]

What Is Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty is the legal requirement of an individual to act in the best interest of another. All parties that owe this duty are called fiduciaries and the individuals to whom the duty is owed are called principals. Lawyers have a fiduciary duty to their clients and so do guardians to their wards. In […]

Veterans and Bankruptcy

There are a number of benefits that are available to veterans that civilians do not have access to. The VA, for example, is the nation’s largest integrated health care system and it is reserved for our veterans. Veterans are also entitled to certain protections and privileges when it comes to their finances. Under the Service […]

Equity of Orange County Homes on the Rise

California Real Estate

There is good news for Orange County homeowners. According to CoreLogic’s latest equity report, only 3.6 percent of Orange County homes with a mortgage were valued less than was owed during the second quarter this year. This new report clearly shows how much progress has been made in the last few years. In 2009, there […]

How Do You Talk about Foreclosure with Children?

There are few life events as potentially traumatic as foreclosure. It is important to discuss foreclosure with your family so that your children are not left confused and scared about what is happening. Even if your children are not quite old enough to fully understand, it can still help to open a dialogue. Children can […]

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