CBGB Investors File for Bankruptcy

Recently, in New York City, the group of investors who purchased downtown Manhattan’s famous CBGB filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Two years ago, the investor-formed company, CBGB Holdings, LLC, purchased the right to the CBGB name and its intellectual property rights. Its goal was to market and sell the CBGB name to outside markets; […]

Alabama’s “Take Back Our Highways” Proves Effective Once Again

Alabama’s “Take Back Our Highways” program, which was launched back in 2007, successfully lowered the number of traffic-related deaths and got 362 intoxicated drivers off of the road. The 10-day program ended on Memorial Day, May 31st. Sixteen road fatalities occurred, 11 less than last year during the same time period. During the 10 days, […]

Will AIG or the Govt. Ever Pay Taxpayers Back?

Recently, according to the Congressional Oversight Panel, the US government, if it had acted sooner and with more focus, would have been able to privately fund the AIG bailout. As it stands, taxpayers picked up the $182 billion check, neither the government nor AIG could pay. Most of the billions were used to payoff AIG’s […]

Commercial Building Loan Modifications

A commercial building loan is to a business owner as a mortgage loan is to a homeowner.  A foreclosure, on the other hand, is exactly the same no matter which way you slice it.  A foreclosure, in laymen’s terms, is simply the repossession of collateral in the event that a loan falls into default.  Homeowners […]

Requesting a Loan Modification from Commercial Loan Lenders

Starting a business takes a huge amount of courage, determination, and risk.  Studies have shown that most business fail within their first few years of existence.  Still, thousands of Americans continue to pursue the dream of owning their own business year after year, despite the risks.   When financial trouble presents itself, the business owner has […]

What is Considered a Loan Modification Hardship for Small Business Owners?

These troubling economic times have many business owners wondering if their businesses will be able to survive in the face of foreclosure.  One of the most popular tactics that businesses are using to avoid foreclosure of their business loans is loan modification.  Loan modification is an agreement between borrower and lender to modify the terms […]

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