Pro City Loan Modification

Pro City Mortgage is a loan modification service that makes several claims about the success of their services.  Borrowers who have used their services paint quite a different picture of their Pro City loan modification experience. One of the most shocking testimonials about Pro City’s services came from a borrower who claims that Pro City […]

Century 21 Financial Loan Modification

Borrowers thinking about applying for a Century 21 Financial loan modification should apply for assistance as soon as possible.  With complaints against every lender in the industry and the number of lawsuits against lenders growing by the day, a person facing foreclosure should start the loan modification application process as soon as possible to account […]

The Fannie Mae Loan Modification

For the struggling homeowner, a loan modification may be the only option available to maintain ownership of the home.  Other options are available to avoid foreclosure, but those usually require the homeowner to give up the deed to the home or require the home owner to pack their things and leave. In order to be […]

When to Accept a Loan Modification Offer

Many borrowers who attempt to have their loans modified are often clueless when it comes to knowing when to accept a loan modification offer.  Many borrowers think that there is some kind of “take it or leave it” attitude in place with many lenders, meaning if the borrower refuses to accept the lender’s first offer, […]

The Risks of Mortgage Litigation

For the homeowner who is facing foreclosure and who is unhappy with the level of assistance provided by their lender, mortgage litigation may be the only path to avoiding foreclosure available. Mortgage litigation is the presentation of a dispute before a court that relates to matters of mortgages, mortgage contracts, and mortgage payments.  Foreclosure cases […]

Mortgage Litigation Against Horizon Bank

Horizon Bank is one of the many lenders currently required participating in President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification Plan.  As a plan participant, the lender is eligible to receive incentives from the federal government for the modification of home mortgage loans.  Even with these incentives, however, the lender still refuses to modify loans on a regular […]

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