Commercial Mortgage Litigation

A mortgage is a loan issued for the purchase of real property that is secured by the property purchased.  Should a person be unable to make their loan payments, the lender may choose to initiate a foreclosure and repossession of the property.  For the person who invests in commercial property, the foreclosure of the property […]

What to Expect from Commercial Mortgage Litigation Fees

Commercial mortgage litigation fees can add up for a borrower, but in most cases, the fees will be minimal in comparison to what can be lost from a ruling in favor of the lender. When a case goes to litigation, it generally is because the two parties involved have been unable to reach an agreement […]

Minimal Increase in Private Sector Jobs as Home Sales Drop

Recent reports indicate the private sector’s employment rate jumped somewhat in June. The rate of employment is a major component in the resurrection of consumer spending and makes up over two-thirds of the economy. Only, approximately, 13,000 private sector jobs were added in June—a number significantly lower than in May and far below analysts’ projections. […]

Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy Plan Causes Stir

Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection back on September 15th, 2008. With assets worth approximately $639, to put things in big-picture perspective, the Lehman bankruptcy was six times larger than any bankruptcy in this country’s history. Flash forward to today and recently, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s creditors, including the country’s largest pension fund, said they […]

CA Dem Rep. Clear of Any Wrongdoing

The House ethics committee recently ended a seven-month long investigation where the focus of the investigation was California Democratic Representative Laura Richardson; to find out if she ever received “special” treatment from WaMu, and/or was remiss in disclosing any properties, incomes as well as liabilities on her disclosure forms. The committee dismissed Richardson of any […]

Hot Ford Pays Off Big Chunk of its Debt

Ford Motor Company said recently it plans to pay off $4 billion of its debt. The lone Michigan-based automaker to successfully dodge bankruptcy protection, Ford plans to give a reported $3.8 billion to the United Auto Workers’ trust fund and another $255 million in dividends on preferred securities—once deferred when Ford was knee-deep in financial […]

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