Hugh Hefner Wants More

In light of internet porn and a major decline in all magazine sales across the board, Hugh Hefner is still looking to purchase the part of Playboy he, himself, doesn’t already own. Hefner is convinced Playboy can still turn profit despite the famous magazine’s drop in sales. According to Playboy, Hefner is in no way […]

Drop in Mortgage Rates Leads to More Home Refinancing Loans

A new survey recently released by Freddie Mac, the nation’s second-largest mortgage finance company, shows 30-year mortgage rates have plummeted to new, all-time lows. “With mortgage rates falling to historic lows, refinance activity has been strong over the past three months,” said Freddie Mac Vice President and Chief Economist, Frank Nothaft. There’s no question these […]

19 Year Old Gets 1 Year in Jail for Fatal DUI Crash

Last year, on June 20th, in Charleston, South Carolina, Keith Joshua Jackson, a recent high school graduate, was driving with two of his school friends. He got into a major car accident injuring himself, a passenger, Greg Jones and killing William Shuman. All were only 19 years old at the time. Jackson’s blood-alcohol level was […]

Can You Get a Home Loan Modification with Equity in Your Home?

A loan modification is an agreement between two parties to a contract.  If both parties agree to modify a loan, equity or no equity, the loan may be modified. Equity is the amount of money that remains when the amount of money remaining on a loan is subtracted from the value of the property.  If […]

Can You Get Turned Down for a Loan Modification if You Don’t Make Enough Money?

A loan modification allows a borrower to make lower monthly mortgage payments by agreeing to a modification of original loan terms.  The idea of a loan modification is to allow homeowners struggling to make their payments every month an opportunity to catch up on their loan and recover from their hardship. Since a loan modification […]

Can You Get More than One Modification on a Mortgage Loan?

A loan modification is nothing more than an agreement between two parties to modify the terms of an original contract.  In the case of a mortgage loan modification, the contract in question is a mortgage contract.  Since the agreement is between two private entities, the borrower and the lender, the terms of the contract may […]

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