Nebraska’s Young Receiver Niles Paul Makes Poor Decisions Like a Pro

There’s much ado about Niles Paul—a football receiver attending Nebraska has turned many heads in the Big 12 Football world.  He was the Huskers’ best receiver a year ago and has had a big role in five of Nebraska’s eight longest plays.  He averaged nearly 28 yards a kickoff return—the best number of its kind […]

No Early Bird Special for Senior Citizen’s DUI

One’s never too old to be arrested for DUI.  75 year-old, Salima Gonin proved this clearly when recently arrested for driving under the influence, property damage and leaving the scene of an accident, in Lee County, Florida. “I was doing some shopping in the plaza…I was coming around the corner and I scraped a car,” […]

Young Floridian Woman Charged with DUI-Manslaughter

Just look around Gainesville, Florida at places like Ocala, Hawthorne, Newberry and Keystone Heights, to name a few areas, and you’ll find a gaggle of attorneys who specialize in cases of DUI. While the numbers of DUI and alcohol-related fatalities have declined, according to statistics from only two years ago, 1,041 driving-related deaths in Florida […]

Is William Ackman the New King of NYC’s Stuyvesant Town?

William Ackman, a hedge fund investor by trade, who only a year ago, purchased roughly 25% of General Growth Properties, Inc. as they declared bankruptcy; has now, with Winthrop Realty, acquired a $300 million, first mezzanine loan to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, for $45 million. According to Reuters, the first mezzanine loan to Stuyvesant Town […]

Bankrupt Casino Makes a Bid for Itself

According to Reuters news, a Nevada judge has recently accepted a $772 million bid for the bankrupt Station Casino, Inc.—from its present owners, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta.  The company was founded by the owners’ father, Frank Fertitta Jr., in 1976. Station Casinos, established and based in Las Vegas, filed for bankruptcy just last year and […]

An Old Law Presents New Problems for Floridian Homebuyers

Those trying to purchase foreclosed homes in Florida are encountering a snag in the system due to a law, centuries old.  This law enables companies to take advantage of homebuyers and is only recently, being addressed.  SavingPalm Beach Homes, Inc., for instance, owns not one home code, yet utilized the old law to seize foreclosed […]

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