Indiana Clerk-Treasurer Busted for DUI

Recently, in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the city’s Clerk-Treasurer, Peggy Wilder, was arrested for allegedly, an alcohol-related DUI.  At approximately 1:45AM, Wilder was found driving within proximity of the 2nd Street Bridge.  Only two years ago, 250 auto-related deaths in Indiana occurred, where at least one driver had a BAC of 0.01% or higher.  In July of ’09, […]

Toxic Cleanup in New Hampshire Comes to a Halt Due to Chapter 7

Envirologic, an environmental/engineering firm based in New Hampshire has recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy—stopping its contaminated soil, cleaning services in Tiverton.  The halt in cleanup has the Bay Street community up in arms.  The process has indeed been a long one—starting back in 2002. President of ENACTRI, Gail Corvello, oversees a community group whose […]

llinois DUI Offender Strikes Again Years Later

In Illinois, a man from Riverton, once convicted of a fatal hit and run incident six years ago, has recently been arrested again, by Illinois State Police—this time for aggravated DUI charges, driving with a revoked license as well as illegal transportation of alcohol and four petty traffic offenses.  He was being held on a […]

Famous Island Getaway Packs its Bags for Chapter 11

The Sea Island Company, owners of a Georgia, luxury resort located on Sea Island and all of the island’s land, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Federal court located in Brunswick. The company says it plans to “emerge from Chapter 11 by selling its resorts, golf courses and private clubs”—for a hefty […]

Extra Federal Support to Help Beat Foreclosure

Michigan Governor, Jennifer M. Granholm has recently declared the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) will get more support from the Obama administration’s HFA (Housing Finance Agency) in the form of $128.4 million.  The assistance goes to unemployed homeowners fighting to make their mortgage payments—in effort to avoid foreclosure. Michigan is but one of 17 […]

Banks’ Repossessed Homes on the Rise With Foreclosure

According to an August Reuters report and RealtyTrac findings, in July, the banks repossessed just over 92,858 properties throughout the country—banks also recorded “the second highest monthly number of homes ever ” just in July alone. The unsteady housing market saw all foreclosure activity, including repossession, rise 4%–from June to July.  According to the California-based […]

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