How Do I Apply for a Home Loan Modification? | Loan Modification Attorney

Many borrowers asking: “how do I apply for a home loan modification?” have no doubt heard about their options to avoid foreclosure.  Words like “short sale”, “deed in lieu”, and “loan modification” have become household terms for struggling borrowers across the country.  In most cases, a loan modification will be the borrower’s first option since […]

Does a Loan Modification Affect Your Credit Score?

As a loan modification attorney, many homeowners ask me, “Does a loan modification affect your credit score or hurt your credit?”  The answer generally is that the loan modification itself is not terribly detrimental, however the necessary late payments leading up to the loan modification can affect your credit score. So, Does a loan modification […]

The Last of the Levy’s Assets to be Sold in December Auction in Kentucky

In Louisville, Kentucky, it was announced Levy’s Lumber and Building Supply will be sold at an auction on December 18th—later this winter. The lumber and supply store remains Jacob Levy & Brothers, Inc.’s, last asset.  Levy & Brothers filed for liquidation under the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Code, nearly eleven years ago. The property, which is […]

Slight Turbulence for Bankrupt Pace Airlines from North Carolina Labor Department

The North Carolina Labor Department has recently put forth a request with the US Bankruptcy Court and the North Carolina Justice Department to collect nearly $1.5 million in wages due to over 420 workers, who lost their jobs from the now bankrupt, Pace Airlines.  However, the bankruptcy trustee and various labor department officials said there […]

PA’s Mortgage Court & Assistance Program Aim to Support

In Pennsylvania, and more specifically, Blair County’s Hollidaysburg, the number of mortgage foreclosures is increasing to a point where a much needed Mortgage Court is finally being introduced to residents, in effort to save homes.  This Mortgage Court will work closely with the Blair County Community Action Agency, which has been assisting residents receive financial […]

On the Heels of Major San Juan Explosion PR Oil Co. Files for Bankruptcy

Recently, in a court in Delaware, but, a good 10 months after a gigantic explosion rocked its Puerto Rican fuel storage depot, Caribbean Petroleum Corporation has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.  Since the explosion, all operations have basically come to a stand-still (even their website is “under construction,” as of writing this article). The […]

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