Federal Government Loan Modification Help

With so many homeowners struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, federal government loan modification help through loan modification legal services have become a popular option for borrowers seeking to keep their home. Loan modification legal services is a general term sometimes used to describe the process of hiring a real estate lawyer to negotiate […]

The Importance of a Forensic Mortgage Audit Before Litigation

It has become popular recently for companies to offer homeowners a “forensic loan audit” of their mortgage origination documents for a substantial fee. The way it is marketed represents to homeowners, upon presenting their lender with these “audit” results, the lender will immediately succumb to their mistakes and give the homeowner a favorable modification, principal […]

Bank of America Commercial Loan Modification Workout

Bank of America commercial loan modification “in-house” programs offer a variety exciting promises to commercial building owners.  Unfortunately, these promises rarely carry through to the real world.  In most cases, a Bank of America commercial loan modification is much like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny…a well organized fantasy. Challenges with Bank of America Commercial […]

How Do I Apply for a Home Loan Modification?

As a loan modification lawyer, many people ask me “how do I apply for a home loan modification?” Well, the short answer is, very carefully and deliberately! Loan modification is not a matter of simply putting in a request with the lender, it has become a long and drawn out process of faxing paperwork and […]

Home Loan Modification Education

There has been great demand for home loan modification education programs but as of yet, none have emerged as worthwhile to benefit homeowners. Lenders have also tried to push their own home loan modification education “events,” but generally these community events have not been helpful for many and can be a frustrating waste of time. […]

Can You Get a Loan Modification with a Chapter 7 Bk?

As a loan modification attorney and bankruptcy lawyer, many clients ask me: Can you get a loan modification with a chapter 7 bk? A bk chapter 7 (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy), will typically slow down the loan modification process, and often improves a borrowers chances of getting approved for a loan modification. Chapter 7 Bk and […]

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