Why You Shouldn’t File Bankruptcy Yourself

America has become a “do it yourself” culture. Some people feel that it is worth investing the time necessary to learn how to do tasks such as minor car repairs, or home remodeling projects if it saves them a few dollars in the end. There isn’t much harm in a minor interior design flaw, or […]

What Bankruptcy Can Do

Eliminate Your Credit Card Debt As long as your credit card debts are unsecured (meaning that your creditors don’t have any liens on any of your property) bankruptcy is a great way to wipe out credit card debt. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy as opposed to Chapter 7, you may be required to […]

Los Angeles Dodgers File Bankruptcy

Many Los Angeles businesses fear filing for bankruptcy due to the stigma that exists socially after a business declares bankruptcy. In truth, bankruptcy was established to provide relief to a struggling business by either discharging their debts, or configuring a repayment plan to help the business get back on their feet. No business is exempt […]

Getting a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Getting a car loan after filing for bankruptcy is not impossible. You might need to be more diligent than the person who has not filed bankruptcy, but if you are persistent, and follow some of the guidelines that I have outlined below, you can get a car loan after bankruptcy. Make Sure a Car Loan […]

What Bankruptcy Can’t Do

Many people believe that filing for bankruptcy is a cure-all for their financial woes, but in reality, there are certain types of debts that cannot be discharged through the bankruptcy process. In this blog post, we will discuss what bankruptcy can’t do. Child Support and Alimony Filing for bankruptcy will not eliminate child support and […]

Consumer Bankruptcy Rates on the Rise

According to a research done by the American Bankruptcy Institute, consumer bankruptcy filings for the first half of 2010 were considerably higher than any six-month period since 2005. Consumer bankruptcy filings are up 14 percent to roughly 770,117 bankruptcy filings compared to the same period last year. This is the highest number of bankruptcy filings […]

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