Secrets to Getting Home Loan Modification | Government Loan Modification Program

As a loan modification lawyer, many people ask me, what are the secrets to getting home loan modification or qualifying for a government loan modification program? To most people, a loan modification may seem like a mysterious process, but it can be fairly straightforward. “Secrets” or suggestions we would recommend include: good organizational skills, keep […]

Obama Loan Modification Program Guidelines and Criteria

There has been continuous discussion in the media and among homeowners about the available Obama loan modification programs guidelines and criteria available to struggling borrowers. The most common questions surround the qualifications and criteria for Obama loan modification programs. The Obama loan modification program is also commonly referred to as HAMP. Obama Loan Modification Program […]

Loan Modification can help you avoid Foreclosure in California

– Are you upside down in your mortgage? – Did your mortgage payment increase and now you’re realizing that you can’t afford your home? – Have you lost your job or had to take a cut in pay? A mortgage loan modification may provide some much needed relief and help you avoid foreclosure of your […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirements | Can I file Bankruptcy?

As an Orange County, CA bankruptcy attorney, many people ask me about the chapter 7 bankruptcy requirements, and more specifically, can I file bankruptcy? Despite recent changes in the bankruptcy requirements, for most consumers in California, the answer is “YES” you fit the chapter 7 bankruptcy requirements, and can file bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Requirements […]

Loan Modification California

Loan modification in California can be an unusual and tricky process. A California loan modification really works no differently than loan modification anywhere else, but California borrowers tend to have unique challenges including: larger loan amounts, second mortgages, other properties and greater amounts of other debt. Loan Modification California Issue 1: Larger Loan Amounts California homeowners […]

Second Mortgage Settlements: How to Settle a Second Mortgage

You may have been one of those to receive an “offer letter” to settle your second mortgage recently. These typically go out to homeowners when they are substantially behind on payments (over 6 months). Alternatively, you may just be curious to know if your second mortgage can be settled for a lump sum, as so […]

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