4 of the Most Important Women in California History

Despite being disenfranchised and dis-empowered for a large part of history, women have overcome countless obstacles in the battle for equality, opportunity, and respect. Today, there are many influential and successful women in positions of prestige and power, thanks to the great strides brave and headstrong women made in the past. The women’s movement wouldn’t […]

Mortgage Servicers Accused of Shell Games and Homeowner Abuse

Mortgage servicers exist to help borrowers who are in default or are facing default. However, according to an official with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, many mortgage servicers are playing a “shell game” with homeowners and are failing to meet the standards set forth by the federal government. Ideally, mortgage service companies are more effective […]

How a Foreclosure Can Affect Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating can affect your ability to secure a loan for a home, vehicle, or business. Some employers even check potential employees’ credit scores. So your score can even affect your employment opportunities. Therefore, it is important for your future that you learn about your credit score and how a foreclosure may affect your […]

Five Tips to Secure a Successful Short Sale

Short sales are a preferable alternative to foreclosure for homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth. Short sales, however, can be stressful and time consuming. Getting the lender to sell for less than the mortgage balance is only the first step. If mistakes are made during the sale, it can […]

Four Scariest Spots in Orange County

Old houses, abandoned psychiatric wards, dilapidated hotels – these places come up in the forefront of people’s minds when they think of ghosts and other spooky entities. However, the supernatural, if you believe in such a thing, can reside in the least likely places. Orange County, for example, is a sunny paradise with plenty of […]

Servicing Company Loan Complaints on the Rise in California

In 2012, some of the largest banks in the country settled with the federal authorities for $26 billion over accusations of charging erroneous fees and wrongfully evicting homeowners. Now, these same abuses are on the rise among specialty firms known as servicers. These companies are designed to transfer payments from borrowers to lenders, but they […]

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