10 Step To Save Your Home From Foreclosure

The downhill slide to foreclosure usually starts slowly, then escalates quickly, but dealing with foreclosure is not a hopeless situation. No matter what stage of foreclosure you’re in, help is always a phone call away. McFarlin LLP attorneys can determine what options are available for you including: loan modification, Short Sale, Pre-Foreclosure Equity Sale, “HOPE Now” Programs, “Making Home Affordable” Programs and others. Call today to get answers:  888-728-0044

10 Step to save your home from foreclosure

10 Steps to Save Your Home from Foreclosure

The downhill slide to foreclosure usually starts slowly and then escalates quickly. Wherever you are in the process of fighting for your home, take these steps and work with your lenders to stop your behind-on-the-mortgage snowball from turning into a foreclosure avalanche!

1. Mortgage Top Priority

2. Call for Help Before You’re Actually Buried

3. Don’t Play Hide & Seek with Your Creditors

4. Get it in Writing

5. Restructure Your Loan

6. Refinance

7. Sell Assets You Don’t Absolutely Need

8. Declare Bankruptcy

9. Sell Your Home Before Losing It

10. Give Your House Back!

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